What one Winona State sorority member has to say about frat guys

On the College Candy Web site is an article, Greek Speak: Frat Guys, An Insider’s Perspective, that asks sorority women for their take on fraternity men.

Here’s the one Minnesota opinion in the piece:

Gabby: Phi Theta Chi, Winona State University

My boyfriend is Greek and he is a diamond in the rough, to be honest. The stereotype that says frat guys are looking for whatever girl they can talk into bed is true probably half of the time, speaking from 3 1/2 years experience. Obviously, this differs house to house. Some of them are all about drinking (I’m talking seven days a week) and some genuinely have their sh*t together. Most, if not all, frat guys I know are very fun to be around and are up for almost anything, but don’t be STUPID and get with him because he fed you a clever line and gave you a free Bud Light. Just like any other guy, you need to find out who he really is. Take them with a grain of salt… and don’t sleep on the couch with your legs open.