Signs of sniping, Himle's frustration

Karen Himle sounds pretty frustrated in these e-mails.

In the first, she appears to say that Dean Al Levine or Bell Director Susan Weller should have pressed her to reverse her decision if they’d been so concerned with it:

In this one, she sounds frustrated that President Bob Bruininks didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. She also wants Bruininks to provide “safe haven” for Weller, who she says likely has been “muted” or threatened by Levine and the university provost. (The section that might have explained why she believed that appears to have been redacted.)

She also quotes a scholar on propaganda techniques, apparently to compare them to methods she thought were being used in “Troubled Waters.”

Finally, she complains: “This problem should never have landed on my desk” and proceeds to criticize how university personnel handled the situation, ending in the statement:

“Perhaps future contracts should be amended to state plainly what can and cannot be said on behalf of the University as the owner of the contract? Perhaps personnel policies need to be examined regarding acts of insubordination and discipline?

(It’s on a snippet at the end of the e-mail that was too small to bother uploading.)