Police: No charges to be filed in Chi Psi case

Police have decided not to file charges in the sexual assault case involving Chi Psi fraternity at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis police Sgt. Bill Palmer said.

“We’ve spoken with everyone we could find, both the people who were interested parties and those who were not, both the young man involved and the young lady involved, and evidence does not warrant criminal prosecution,” he said.

He would give no further details behind what had happened or the decision not to prosecute.

Palmer did say fraternity members “were extremely cooperative with us in the investigation. They really did go out of their way to assist us.”

After a Sept. 25 party at the fraternity, a woman told police she woke up the following morning with serious injuries, went to the hospital, but didn’t remember what happened to her.

Police are still investigating sexual assault allegations at two other fraternities in the same three-week period: Delta Kappa Epsilon and Phi Gamma Delta.