Phone app shortens Winona State bus waits

Winona State bus

Winona360 reports that Winona State University is working on a mobile-phone application that enables students to see where in town their buses are — a move that should cut down the amount of time they stand at bus stops.

It’ll be of most use to off-campus students and those trying to get from one campus to another, Winona360’s Stephanie Brost writes. Consider it just-in-time bus-riding:

They can head to the bus stop when the bus is near, instead of sitting and waiting at the bus stop.

I can see why it’s needed. Brost has one freshman complaining that the wait can be 15-20 minutes — not fun in the winter — and that some drivers can be up to 20 minutes off schedule.

The application should be out in December, and apparently will be compatible with any phone with Internet, as well as with the iPad and iPod.

Read more about the app here.