Notes in the Margins: football, senioritis and outsourcing online education

Across the Pond: A Comparison of Key Data About British and U.S. Higher Education The gap between tuition at public institutions in England and the United States is narrowing, while the United States still spends more of its GDP on higher education. (

Student faces faces vehicular homicide charges over death of U alumna The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office filed vehicular homicide charges Tuesday against University of Minnesota student John R. Peterson in the death of former student Kandyce Stoffel, 23. In the criminal complaint, a witness reports Stoffel and Peterson had interacted at a bar the same night of the accident. Peterson “had been attempting to ‘hit on’” Stoffel, but she turned him down and allegedly felt uncomfortable toward his advances, according to the complaint. (

Trustees Are Not Prepared for Presidential Retirements, Study Finds A consulting firm reports on retirement planning for college presidents, or the lack thereof. (

To Pump Up Degree Counts, Colleges Try to Invite Dropouts Back But the reality of identifying, tracking down, and persuading former students to return is complicated, not to mention time-consuming. (

Police: Man Posed as Student, Assaulted College Students Police say Leeban Simeso assaulted three women as they slept in their apartments at Stadium View near the University of Minnesota. (KSTP | Minneapolis & St. Paul)

A Potential Vaccination for ‘Senioritis’ Quite a few high school principals agree that we need to reinvent senior year. It should be a chance for teenagers to make the transition from the predictable routines and 42-minute blocks of secondary school to the self-discipline, public speaking and teamwork that is vital in college and many careers.The author calls for a reimagining of the last half of senior year of high school, and, drawing on personal experience, offers a potential model. (

2 Leading Online Outsourcers Merge, Consolidating a Market More and more colleges are hiring for-profit companies to build and market their online programs, a controversial practice that worries some observers. This week the online-outsourcing industry is going through a significant consolidation. Two of its leading competitors, Embanet and Compass Knowledge Group, are merging. (

Small colleges find that adding football pays off in a lot of green, and more At least a dozen small, private colleges in the United States have added or rebuilt football programs in the past three years, usually with the dual purpose of feeding the bottom line and narrowing the gender gap. (The Washington Post)