Mankato student T-shirt rips mayor's DWI

“We weren’t trying to make a political statement with the shirt or anything, but yes, I do feel the mayor is being hypocritical. In certain universities across the nation, if you receive a DWI or even in some cases an (underage consumption citation), you can get kicked out of your program of study. So I feel, with many others, that he should step down as mayor.”

The Free Press quote by Travis Cahill, one of five people who came up with the idea for a T-shirt — “Gettin’ shady with Brady” — that’s all the rage on the MSU Mankato campus.

It refers to Mankato Mayor John Brady, who was arrested Aug. 21 on a charge of DWI and has since pleaded guilty. Before his arrest, he had reportedly tried to curb student drinking.

University officials aren’t laughing. Read all about it in The Free Press report here.