How the U-Minnesota tries to blunt ag criticism

As VP Karen Himle wrote in the e-mail I first posted:

“I would like to consider our options prior to that point as I anticipate a legitimately negative response to this from some sectors of our ag community.”

The university clearly is concerned with how agricultural interests view the research and educational material coming out of the U. This could be normal, since it has had to face down outside criticism in a number of projects.

In any case, dealing with the problem is apparently institutionalized:

  • Bob

    Is there something wrong with creating procedures (“institutionalizing” as you call it here) to deal with commonly-arising problems? Seems only natural to me, and a good organizational move.

    • Anonymous

      Not at all, Bob. I posted this document for the benefit of the outsider. It just illustrates the sensitivity of the ag issue and how it weighs on the minds of those involved.