Hanging effigy only a prank at U-Minnesota Crookston

UM-Crookston campus

Yep, some people need the supposedly enlightening effects of a college education more than others.

Some bozo student at the University of Minnesota – Crookston has confessed to painting an effigy to look like a “person of color” and hanging it from the student union — as a “prank” on the statue’s owner, police and university officials told the Fargo Forum.

Peter Phaiah, associate vice chancellor for student affairs, told the Forum:

… the incident was the result of “incredibly poor judgment” but was not racially motivated. The 3-foot wooden figure, which is carved and painted in the likeness of a person of color, was hung by its torso from the student center. The sculpture belongs to another student who received it as a gift from a family member. The student said he hung the statue as a prank on the statue’s owner. “The student did not take into consideration the implications of what he believed was a harmless prank,” Phaiah said. “On the contrary, the students, faculty and staff on campus see this as anything but funny.”

(Now exactly how they could tell it was not racially motivated when it was painted to resemble a person of color is beyond me, but I’m no expert.)

A conduct committee is considering disciplinary action, but police said criminal charges won’t be filed.