Goldy Gopher makes NBC's Top 10 mascots

Goldy Gopher

Goldy may not have made the Associated Press’ list of 12 coolest football mascots, but it ranked #10 on NBC Sports’ Out-of-Bounds blog list of Top 10 Power Mascots, a ranking that considered “newsworthiness, style and general awesomeness.”

NBC’s Rick Chandler on why Goldy made it:

This is from last year, but Goldy’s body of work cannot be ignored. First he was reprimanded for mocking Penn State players who were praying prior to a game. Then he shockingly attempted to mix his whites with colors in the wash. But the best of all was when Goldy plowed over a couple of Pee Wee football kids during a halftime exhibition. Not In Goldy’s House!