9 odd degree program cuts

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We’ve been suffering our own budget cuts here in Minnesota, and a number of classic degrees are going down for not meeting whatever metrics their institutions have set.

Here’s a list by The Huffington Post that contains nine strange discontinued degrees at other colleges across the country. I noticed that most are from institutions I’ve heard little to nothing about.

A few of the degrees aren’t so strange sounding, but check out the slide show for details.

  1. Leisure Science: Carson-Newman College
  2. Animal Biotechnology: University of Nevada, Reno
  3. Master’s Degree in Tourism: California University of Pennsylvania
  4. Teaching Individuals With Orthopedics: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  5. Music Management and Merchandising: Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
  6. Master’s Degree in Professional Growth: Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  7. Television-Radio: Southern Illinois University — Edwardsville
  8. Environmental Humanities: Unity College in Maine
  9. Corporate Communication: Hawai’i Pacific University