Univ. of Minnesota and the light rail solution

As usual, it’s all about mitigation.

After two years of legal bickering over how a proposed light rail could affect research where it runs through the University of Minnesota, the U and the Metropolitan Council have agreed on a way to lessen the disruption, MPR’s Dan Olson reports (with audio).

To smooth out the vibrations:

The Metropolitan Council has agreed to place floating slabs under more than 1,400 feet of light rail track at points along Washington Avenue, where trains will run through the U’s East Bank campus.

To dampen the electromagnetic interference:

The fix … includes what the agreement describes as a “dual split power supply” along more than 3,000 feet of track.

The cost of the two modifications wasn’t clear, officials said. In any case, they’ll have to monitor the line and check for disruptions for years to come.

If the Board of Regents approves the agreement Sept. 8, the U will withdraw its lawsuit against the construction.