U-Minn dean: Troubled Waters 'vilifies agriculture'

MPR’s Stephanie Hemphill has an update on the University of Minnesota’s yanking of the “Troubled Waters” environmental documentary:

The Dean of the University of Minnesota School of Agriculture says the premiere of a film about pollution in the Mississippi River was postponed because it “vilifies agriculture.” …

Dean Al Levine said the film opens with a lot of drama, and spends too much time discussing agricultural pollution before considering any other sources of water pollution. …

Levine says the film isn’t inaccurate, but it’s unbalanced. He said it should have included scientists who are trying to figure out how to feed 9 billion people by 2050.

  • Dontemailme

    The matter of scientists trying to feed 9 billion people is a whole other documentary about how science has ruin the soil in third world countries growing bad food with little nutrient value. I look forward to the University trying to cover that up too. As far as “Troubled Waters” villifying agriculture, what's the big news about agriculture being villians. Don't they know at the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Science that the number of people who know that agriculture is to blame for all the childhood obesity and early onset diabetes has reached critical mass?