Tommie prez on Monckton insults

Father Dennis Dease, president of the University of St. Thomas, on being called names by climate skeptic Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, during a dispute between Monckton and St. Thomas Professor John Abraham:

This is the first time I have been called a creep – at least by a peer of the realm, so I regard it as a personal milestone of sorts.

  • Llogan

    Monckton is a delightful fellow. His feathers get ruffled when dealing with idiots. Gore won't debate him and only a few ego-fueled alarmists have. Monckton gets the winning vote, even with heavily liberal or green audiences.

    When reviewing Professor Abraham's presentation — against Monckton's original presentation and his later YouTube and SPPI response to Abraham, it's clear that Abraham was going for a hit job and wasn't up to the scientific rigor.

    Father Dease's milestone of being called a creep by Monckton for defending Abraham (“you can't intimidate us with facts!”) is even more delicious. Dease is a 'royal' creep.