The most relieved student at St. Olaf

biking gear

After what he’s just been through, Move-In Day should be a cakewalk for Sam Williams.

The St. Olaf College freshman rode onto campus yesterday afternoon after a scheduled 9-day, 640-mile bike trip from his home in Noblesville, Indiana.

All he had with him was a small “trailer” and his older brother, Nathan, who rode along. (His parents followed with the rest of his dorm room stuff, so the guy isn’t traveling that light.)

map of the trip

After arriving, his plans were to go to his uncle’s house in Hudson, Wisconsin, for a shower and a meal. He and his family should move him into Hoyme Hall tomorrow.


I’ve left messages for him and his parents — they must all be bushed — and will post a few more trip details if I can reach them.