Poll: We want to see Troubled Waters

The crowd of MPR News Cut readers has spoken: Show the darn film already.

So far, 9 in 10 voters in Bob Collins’ poll say the U should hurry up and show the environmental film Troubled Waters — or someone should slip the media a bootleg copy.

Collins also comments on a Strib article about backlash over the film, as well as a Dave Brauer piece on how the film probably isn’t the first ag project to run afoul of the U.

  • Nogla

    This censorship, no more, no less. Whether the film is “bias” or not is the exclusive province of the individual viewers. The notion of “balance” is a concept without benefit of content. Who is the arbiter of balance, but the viewer. It is sad, pathetic and unacceptable that a public employee should make such a decision and it is stunning evidence that the incumbent decision maker lacks qualification for their position. Please, show some integrity, and resign now.