Legislator: Bruininks needs to step in

“The U’s reputation is suffering. I hate to see that happen, and (University of Minnesota President) Bob Bruininks has got to take control of the situation.”

State Rep. Jean Wagenius (DFL), co-chair of the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources, commenting on the fallout from the U’s pulling of the Troubled Waters environmental documentary. The commission oversees close to 70 percent of the funding of the film.

  • These comments are telling. Representative Wagenius is a universally respected member of the Minnesota House. There are many other respected members of the House and Senate who are deeply disturbed by events at the U over the last few years.

    Business as usual in Morrill Hall simply is not going to do it. Honesty and an admission that mistakes were made by the administration is in order.

    Although Mr. Wolter’s behavior in these matter is almost laughable, ultimately it is not his fault. It would also appear that the U would prefer to see pr people like Ms. Himle serve as a punching bag because this deflects attention for their own responsibility in this matter.

    I hope that the next president of the University of Minnesota comes from the outside. A shakeup in Morrill Hall is necessary along with a return to our traditional land grant university values.

    Bill Gleason, U of M alum and faculty