8 things that stop being cool after college


For those just out of school — or with a year to go — chalk this up as advice on making that transition into the real world a little more graceful.

Below is the abridged version of what you’ll find in The Huffington Post about the 8 things that are no longer cool after college:

  1. Smuggling alcohol.
  2. Eating at Denny’s. (It’s the late-night calories.)
  3. Dolphin posters. (I’d argue sports posters as well.)
  4. Bikini bull-riding contests.
  5. Stealing/mooching stuff from friends and roommates.
  6. Easy mac ‘n cheese. (I’d add Top Ramen.)

  7. Paid volunteering for clinical research trials. (Ouch. Did that in my 30s.)
  8. Hacky sacks. (Were they ever cool? Really?)