What really happens on Move-in Day


Crispy Chicken via Flickr

Hi, Mom

When my parents and I first stepped into the elevator of Russell Hall during Move-In Day at the University of Georgia, it reeked of vomit and stale beer.

That was 1984. From a glance at the police report on St. Cloud’s recent 3-day move-in period, it looks like not much has changed.


Open container: 121

Underage drinking: 115

Disorderly conduct: 8

5th degree assault: 2

False info to police: 4

Property damage: 3

Noise violation: 19

Urinating in public: 2

Possession of a small amount of marijuana: 1

Fleeing police on foot: 4

Underage possession of alcohol: 6

Possession of drug paraphernalia: 1

Stop-sign violation: 1

Jail bookings: 25