The most expensive college textbooks


Necessary Evil via Wikipedia

And you thought your books were spendy


A while back I posted something on why textbooks are so expensive.

But before you start griping about how this fall’s reading list will empty your pockets, check out CBS Moneywatch’s list of the 12 most expensive college textbooks in America.

  1. Acta Philosophorum The First Journal of Philosophy:  $1,450
  2. Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications: $1,215
  3. Management Science An Anthology: $850
  4. History of Early Film: $740
  5. Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology: $665
  6. Companion Encyclopedia of Psychology:  $600
  7. Feminism and Politics: $600
  8. Concepts and Design of Chemical Reactors: $593
  9. Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques: $570
  10. Ethics in Business and Economics: $550
  11. Environment in the New Global Economy: $510
  12. Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications: $500

So what’s the damage at your college textbook store?

Which tomes are really putting a dent in your wallet?