Former U-Minnesota president gets his own housing manager

In a follow-up to former University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof’s $700,000 housing min-scandal at the University of California, the UC system has gone so far as to appoint an official to manage Yudof’s new private residence.

“Here you literally have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have gone into student scholarships, reduction of fees — whatever — to educate more students in California,” said Leland Yee, a Democratic state senator from San Francisco who has been critical of Mr. Yudof’s management of the U.C.

Lack of oversight and accountability enabled Yudof to rack up those bills, university officials said.

In one expense, the university spent nearly $20,000 — including $530.04 an hour in overtime — to fix an indoor elevator that the landlord said was under warranty and could have been repaired at no charge.