A couple of cool U of M offerings

In case you haven’t checked out other parts of the MPR site, here are a couple of higher-education pieces done by other staffers.

In her State of the Arts blog, Marianne Combs writes about the University of Minnesota’s new Master of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership for those who’ve already been working in the field and are looking for a program they can attend part time.

One of the classes Wagner-Henry is excited to offer is a non-profit board practicum. She says people in the non-profit sector often feel like they’re vying for the same small group of people to serve on their boards. The practicum would teach best practices for recruiting new board members, and how best staff and board can work together.

Lorna Benson has done a piece on how U of M researchers have developed a promising new treatment for a rare and often fatal skin disease.

If he didn’t wear the wrappings, the mere friction caused by his fingers rubbing together would tear his skin. His body would try to heal the wound, but it wouldn’t have the right materials to do so. Payton’s condition is called epidermolysis bullosa, or E.B. for short.