Stuffing in those frosh at St. Thomas

WWI temporary beds

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Rise and shine, Tommies

Almost 200 more freshman than expected have chosen to enroll at St. Thomas this fall, and the upcoming surge has administrators scrambling.

The largest freshman class in St. Thomas history (1,522) will change class sizes, faculty-student ratios and class registration, which might prompt the university to hire more adjunct professors.

It’ll also hit housing.

Officials are turning a number of facilities into student quarters — at least for the time being.

Among the conversions:

  • Koch Fitness Center
  • Lounges in Brady Hall and Dowling Hall
  • A few empty chaplain rooms

Sorry, guys: Although the university has housing for all the female freshmen, more than 40 men are on a waiting list. One official said that some of them might have to commute — or decide not to enroll in St. Thomas at all.

  • wbgleason


    A couple of years ago, one of my neighbors kids – a quite bright young woman with decent grades – was turned down for admission at the U of M. So she went, at first reluctantly, to St. Thomas where she is now very happy. In contrast to St. Thomas I understand that the number of undergrads admitted to the U this year has gone down.

    What goes around, comes around. More attention to providing a quality education at reasonable cost should be on the horizon for the U of M and not an Icarus-like attempt to become one of the top three public universities in the world…