With a reportedly mixed record on drug commercialization, the U is trying to turn more of its drug research into marketable products. According to the MedCityNews.com piece, it’s planning to spend $1 million a year on safety studies, and its philanthropic foundation wants to raise $50 million to support commercialization of the U’s various technologies. I have little Read more

Nationaal Archief via Flickr Rise and shine, Tommies Almost 200 more freshman than expected have chosen to enroll at St. Thomas this fall, and the upcoming surge has administrators scrambling. The largest freshman class in St. Thomas history (1,522) will change class sizes, faculty-student ratios and class registration, which might prompt the university to hire Read more

Scoot Williams via Wikimedia Commons Better whip those graphics into shape In a recent Huffington Post piece, Florida Atlantic University newspaper adviser Michael Koretzky slams college newspaper Web sites, calling them “so damn boring” and the content mere “shovelware” poured into templates. That’s odd news to this former newspaper hack, who has read countless industry journal Read more

One of St. John’s medieval Spanish Bibles Scholars at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at St. John’s University recently realized that the microfilm copies the library has of two early medieval Spanish Bibles are actually the only ones in existence. That’s big stuff, considering that the Bibles, Codex Complutensis I and Codex Complutensis II, were practically destroyed during the Spanish Civil War Read more

1) Take that, Stanford: Our women golfers aren’t fools. The ones at Gustavus Adolphus and Concordia University had higher cumulative GPAs than their counterparts at both the elite California college and Northwestern. 2) No smoke here: South Central College has gone tobacco-free on both its Faribault and North Mankato campuses, making it the 11th campus to do so in Read more