Bill O’Neill isn’t just anybody; he’s a sitting justice on the Ohio Supreme Court. And he wants to be the governor of the Buckeye State.

And today on Facebook, he made a good argument for why, in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations in which people are finally listening to what women have to say, it’s a good time for men to listen more and talk less.
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The unusual collision of a radio network’s management and a radio network’s newsroom was heard nationwide on Wednesday when NPR CEO Jarl Mohn was grilled by one of his network’s reporters — Mary Louise Kelly — on why NPR fired its head of news only after the Washington Post blew the whistle on Michael Oreskes’ behavior 20 years ago at the New York Times, when he accosted two women in separate incidents.

It was an unusual, and likely uncomfortable, few minutes as Kelly interrogated her boss. It was unusual for the CEO of an organization to be willing to be grilled so publicly. Read more