If you’ve raised kids, you know that the day you drop them off at school is among the most heartbreaking days for a parent. They don’t need you anymore, at least during school hours. For most parents, they soon realize it’s among the most joyous moments; they’ve got part of their lives back. At least during school hours.

Of course, you actually have to have a life for that to be of any value and too many people in Darien, Conn., don’t, apparently. Read more

If they told people how heartbreaking parenthood is from time to time, nobody would ever have kids. You go into it with no experience, you suffer with an 18-year case of imposter syndrome, and on the first day after your kid asks you to drop him off a block away from school because of his embarrassment, some punk couple, expecting their first child in a couple of months, offers you an opinion on how you could’ve been a better parent. Read more