For sure, it’s become easier for people to talk about providing access to mental health care, too often talk is all it is. Politicians are failing Minnesotans on this issue and failing big. It’s a testament to the resiliency of people that some of them can navigate the roadblocks and fear that exists and get the help they need.

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A Brainerd hospital is going to test whether it’s possible for a medical facility to treat only the “good” patients and avoid any sort of backlash with the policy. The chances are Essentia Health will succeed at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Brainerd because it’s refusing to admit patients with little constituency: the severely mentally ill.
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Little has so defined the dysfunction of a state government with a budget surplus and its citizens indifference toward people with a mental health crisis, than Minnesota’s refusal to fund a suicide hotline that’s been operating for nearly 50 years. But the Minnesota Legislature didn’t come up with any money, neither did any area foundations, and the stateline hotline will shut down on Friday. A national hotline will continue to be available, and so will some county-operated hotlines. Read more