Over the years, the NewsCut staff has lived vicariously through the cross-country journeys of others. Quite often, they’re canoe trips down the Mississippi River.

We also have a fondness for those who paddle against the current, which is why it’s worth noting today that five paddlers, four of them from Saint Cloud, have made it to Minnesota in their quest to travel from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. They say no one has ever traveled the route in one trip. Read more

Quick update on Daniel Alvarez, the Florida man who spent 9 months kayaking from Minnesota’s Northwest Angle to Key West, got there and decided to kayak back to Minnesota. Today, he announced he’s done with saltwater. He reached New York City. He couldn’t very well paddle back up the Mississippi River (against the current and Read more

Unless something goes wrong in the next few days, Ryan Chalmers will realize his goal of traveling across the country. It took him only 71 days. Did I mention he’s pushing a racing wheelchair? This morning, he crossed the Delaware River from Philadelphia into New Jersey. He should arrive in Central Park on Saturday.