Martha Everett didn’t mean to provide a time capsule to the people of Jeffersonville, Ind. She simply lost her purse, which has now been found. It contains the artifacts of a lost generation of high school teenagers: lipstick (‘made in New York’, it said), wrappers of Juicy Fruit gum, the school’s basketball schedule, a ribbon for the mile relay, bus schedule, a mirror, her Social Security card, a note asking her to the prom. Read more

For reasons that remain unclear — there weren’t that many accidents — rush hour traffic in the Twin Cities last evening was a nightmare, particularly the stretch of I-35W southbound where someone once thought it a fine idea to design an offramp to I-94 westbound that intersected two other ramps.

The more we pave over the Twin Cities with highways, the worse the traffic seems to get, and we don’t even get bragging rights out of the deal for our horrible traffic. Read more