Bernie Ockuly took a job as a long-haul trucker when he got swept up in a dying economy years ago, and he’s been driving across the country ever since, stopping every now and again for a bit to eat and a word or two with people along the way about why they do what it is they do. Over the weekend, he learned about what it takes to keep the show going in Fairmont. Read more

The unusual collision of a radio network’s management and a radio network’s newsroom was heard nationwide on Wednesday when NPR CEO Jarl Mohn was grilled by one of his network’s reporters — Mary Louise Kelly — on why NPR fired its head of news only after the Washington Post blew the whistle on Michael Oreskes’ behavior 20 years ago at the New York Times, when he accosted two women in separate incidents.

It was an unusual, and likely uncomfortable, few minutes as Kelly interrogated her boss. It was unusual for the CEO of an organization to be willing to be grilled so publicly. Read more

The crews of medevac helicopters fly into the worst weather on dark nights because someone needs help. Those aboard longing for a long life, would do well to find another line of work. But those aboard have different values. That’s why I referred to them as ‘angels in helicopters’ when I wrote in December about Miles Weske’s recovery from a crash during bad weather in September.
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