Though there are plenty of gorgeous days left, the baseball diamonds in the ginormous sports complex in my town are empty; the kids and their parents have moved on to either soccer or football.

It doesn’t appear that anything has stopped football from being the sport of choice for these younger kids and their parents, so it’s unlikely today’s study from Boston will change anything. Nonetheless, your kids brains are getting scrambled by tackle football. Read more

Hailey Dawson was born with a rare congenital disease called Poland Syndrome, which affects the use of fingers. She was unable to use her right hand — her pitching hand — so the University of Nevada Las Vegas engineering department made her a 3D-printed device.

It worked. And she got a taste for the first pitch when she threw one out at a Baltimore Orioles game two years ago. Read more

The Athletic, a $30-a-year service that has operated in six cities in the United States — New York, Cleveland, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and Philadelphia — has now added a seventh: the Twin Cities. It’s also adding other NHL cities, scooping up the top hockey writers in several hockey-crazed cities, following a pattern in which it has been gobbling up local papers’ best analysts.
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