When clowns are just nice people

Maybe there was a time when a guy could dress up like a clown and hand out candy to kids to celebrate his birthday, but those days are long gone.

A man in Clarksville, Tenn., is the latest to learn the lesson after he apparently caused a brief panic in his town when two fifth-graders reported him. They described him to school authorities: white face, red nose.

The police issued an alert that a clown might be trying to lure children with candy.

Then they caught the clown.

The great clown mystery has been solved. Police have located the man who was spotted in a clown costume. He is an…

Posted by Clarksville Police Department on Thursday, May 9, 2019

He was just being a nice guy, the police said.

“John Wayne Gacy was a nice guy, too,” a commenter on the department’s Facebook page said, indicative of the fact there are plenty of clowns in Clarksville, Tenn.

  • jon

    Is there any one left that still sees clowns as fun/funny?

    Personally I feel that clown makeup is this generations ski mask in mid-july.

  • tboom

    It’s Clarksville! You have to dress up like a Monkee.

    • Rob

      It’s the last clown in Clarksville, it’s the last clown in Clarksville, it’s…

    • Gary F

      Gretcsh bass guitar. Cool.

    • joetron2030

      This song instantly popped into my head when I saw the name of the town.

  • Rob

    I almost get the sense that the man in question may have some developmental issues, such that he isn’t clear on the concept of how concerning it is to the public when a grown man dresses up as a clown and approaches kids to offer them candy. Any confirmation on that, Bob C?

    • He is not being identified. But they’re stressing his age more than his intelligence

  • lusophone

    There’s an older gentleman who frequents all the outdoor festivals and Open Streets and the like here in the Twin Cities every summer. Maybe some others have seen him, he usually doesn’t wear a shirt and he likes to dance, sometimes wears a kilt. We’ve seen him everywhere, Harriet Island for all the different events, Open Streets, you name it. One year we saw him at a concert in downtown Hopkins. He was enjoying himself as usual. When the concert was over we all left the park and my family and I were walking behind him a bit. Someone must have been concerned for their safety because they called the police and reported the man to them. An officer stopped him and talked for a minute or two. I was just about ready to approach the police and vouch for the guy when they left him. When I caught up to the man I made a comment about how strange it was that the police stopped him. He said he was confused too and thought the police were actually after me and my family. I guess we all interpret danger differently.