Andrew Jackson is safe on the $20 bill for another decade

Harriet Tubman isn’t going to be on the $20 bill. Not anytime soon, anyway.

You’ll recall, perhaps, that former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced plans for Tubman to replace President Jackson on the $20 bill in 2016, breaking up the boy’s club on America’s paper currency.

But President Donald Trump called that “pure political correctness” and now his treasury secretary has come up with an excuse to keep Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, at least for nearly another decade.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told a House committee today that the bill needs more work to prevent counterfeiting, about a year after he said the Tubman bill wasn’t something he was focused on.

The announcement pushes the possibility of Tubman being on our money into the next presidential administration.

  • Ben Chorn
    • Jeff

      I agree, but I don’t carry much cash (if at all) anymore. I use it for tips and at the farmers’ market. I wonder if it would be worth the effort and expense.

      • jon

        If we are revamping the currency, drop the penny, nickel and dime.
        Drop the paper dollar and keep the coin, add a $5 coin and drop the paper $5… also add a $10 coin, but probably keep the paper $10 for now.

        Also I support the idea of putting spock on our currency like canada did (even though it was a grassroots movement.)

      • Rob

        Right? Haven’t carried cash for several years. And with even small vendors taking plastic, there just aren’t many places where having cash is necessary.

        • Jeffrey

          What is the attraction of not carrying cash? I manage my money better since I went all cash a few years ago. Also I don’t want the bank to know all my spending. I guess I value my privacy.

          • Rob

            Not having an overly fat wallet is a huge attraction of not carrying cash. Pulling a bunch of bills out, receiving change, and sorting and stuffing a bunch of bills back in my wallet is a pain in the butt. Wash, rinse, repeat – no thanks. But kudos to you if you manage your money better by lugging a bunch of greenbacks around.

            And if you tell me you’re not on any social media, I’ll be convinced that you are all about privacy. Otherwise, if you wanna carry a wad of bills around, and kid yourself that you have tons of privacy merely because you aren’t using a credit or debit card as often as most people do, knock yourself out.

          • Jeffrey

            Going on the internet requires giving up some of your privacy, but there are ways to limit the information you are giving. I am not on social media. I do not buy anything on line. I post on Newscut and the Updraft blog, but that is about it.
            In the end I guess it is a matter of preference. I find cash easier than plastic.

          • Rob

            Seriously, I commend you for guarding your privacy to the fullest extent possible. Aside from using my credit union bank card, where I fall down is ordering stuff online…

    • I love looking at banknotes. Some of the art can be pretty spectacular.

  • Jack

    Thank goodness the person has to be deceased to be on the currency. Kenya had the president on the currency when I was there. Gets expensive to reprint all the currency for each election so they stopped that practice after Moi.

    • Jeff

      But the Trump dollar bill might make good toilet paper, just saying.

      • jon

        That depends on the inflation rate….

  • Jeff

    I’m sort of surprised he didn’t unveil the Robert E. Lee $20 bill.

    • MikeB

      The term isn’t over yet

    • jon

      It’ll be Jefferson Davis on the $100…

      Get Franklin out of the way to get a president (of the confederacy) on there!

    • Rob

      Prolly put him on the Benjamin

  • J Allen

    Bad faith arguments about counterfeiting that are only applied to the $20 bill are par for the course for this administration.

  • Gary Leatherman
  • Rob

    Silly rabbit! Greenbacks are for guys.
    And as Andrew Jackson is T.Rump’s favorite Prez, no way he’d agree to have any other dude – let alone a woman – be represented on the $20.

  • Mike Worcester

    I’m not averse to removing Pres. Jackson from the $20, but I’m honestly curious why Harriet Tubman became the chosen replacement?