A planet of pigs

There’s no getting around it: As a species, we’re pigs.

This is not a new observation, of course. The celebrants of major holidays in the summer at Lake Minnetonka have proven this for years, and yet it’s still shocking to see our selfish ways, partly because it explains why we’re not lifting a finger to help the planet that’s soon going to kill us.

The latest example is Virginia Beach on Chesapeake Bay, where Floatopia, your basic drinking party, was held on Sunday.

Ten tons of trash was left behind, USA Today says.

Posted by Melissa Noel on Monday, May 27, 2019

“We can do better than this!” a local city councilman said.

Not likely.

  • wjc

    Shocking, but not surprising. (Sadly.)

  • Tracey
    • Mike

      The oceans are profoundly polluted with plastic waste. It can be found at the deepest depths, and poses a significant risk to marine life.

      Now is the not the time to be dismissive of the way we are abusing the environment. If people brought all that junk in, they can take it out again with them and dispose of it in a responsible manner. People should get hefty fines or even jail time for littering like this. It’s abhorrent, and it can’t be rationalized by any ethical person.

      • Tracey

        Yes, I’ve read about the plastic islands out there and it sounds pretty bad, but all is not lost.

        Yes, those people could have hauled that trash out but if the city knew what was coming, why the heck wouldn’t they be pro-active. I bet it would have been a whole lot cheaper to put some rubbish bins out there.

        You can focus on how we’re abusing the planet, I’ll stick with what we’re doing to clean it up. Lots of positive work being done, we’ll be OK.

        • Mike

          No, everything isn’t OK. We have climate change and an extinction crisis on our hands, and they’re both human-induced. These are big, big problems, but you make it a priority to defend people dumping garbage on the beach.

          You’re a troll.

    • //but we’re doing a pretty good job considering how many of us there are

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      The reason we’re screwed is because there are too many of you wondering what the big deal is and why is everyone so gloomy about the climate.


      I see you just joined Disqus 11 days ago. Which one of the trolls I banned from NewsCut over the years are you?

      • Tracey

        Well sir, you have the “New Yorker”, I’ll stick with the EPA. Verifiable facts make me happy, and I like to be a happy person.
        Like I said, if 1/2 of what we read from progressive media & pols was true, I seriously doubt Al “Mr. Climate Change” Gore would have recently plunked down $9 million for a snazzy 6000 ft2 beach villa. He’s in the loop, but he’s not scared, he’s not downsizing his big time lifestyle, why should I worry?

        btw, although I didn’t care to read the story, I did look up the CV of author of your linked story. PhD in biology? Climatology? Physics? Nope. BS in Literature.

      • Jeff R.

        Suba diver here for 21+ years. The oceans are choked not just by CO2, but with plastics. The Co2 is the most problematic as my wife & I have witnessed in our short time under water that coral bleaching is going on all over the globe – from Cozumel (Carribean) to the Sulu Sea (Phillipines) to Hawaii. Look to the seas for redemption.

    • Jack Ungerleider

      The primary source of both Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide are vehicle emissions. They result from incomplete combustion of the fuel. So improving automobile emission and fuel economy standards has been the main cause of those reductions. The impressive drop in sulfur dioxide emissions is directly related to the change over of coal burning power plants to natural gas. None of this relates to Carbon Dioxide emissions that are considered the main cause of climate change. All we’ve done is decrease the occurrence of acid rain with those changes. Climate change, not so much.

    • Rob

      Heh. Don’t know how you were raised, but I was taught not to litter. As my dear sainted mother used to say, “I better not catch you throwing your trash in anything but a garbage can. Ain’t no gargage can? Hold on to your trash til you find one.”

      BTW, check the recent stories on the tons of plastic trash found on remote islands, and on how many animal species are going extinct due to human clusterf#&king, and get back to me with the “things are swell” talking point.

    • Randall Thompson

      Have you ever heard of “pack in in, pack it out”? They carried all that crap to the beach, why can they not carry it out? I’ll answer for you: because they are lazy, spoiled, entitled pieces of s..t

  • Guest

    No use of beach by a party of 10+ until a clean-up Bond is posted. Anything but sand is charged $XX per hour to be cleaned and deducted from the bond.

  • boB from WA

    Actually, pigs are pretty clean animals. Please pick another species that more represents some of the humans that left that mess. Thank you.

    • Jeff R.


  • Mike Worcester

    One sad aspect (of many I suppose) of this is that the organizers could have put dumpsters every ten feet but there will always be people for whom even that is too much of an invocenience.

    All I can do is do my best to clean up after myself, to teach my kids to do the same, and to encourage others to do so also.

    • 212944

      Camp site rule.

      I always loved that Dan Savage says that applies to relationships with others as well.

  • JeffF

    There has to be personal responsibility! Granted a better and more proactive approach would be to have trash receptacles available (how do we know they were not?)
    A personal example is right here in some of our own state parks, recreation areas, trail heads etc. There is not always a place to dispose of trash. Just because there is not a place to toss our dog dropping bags or other trash items, we don’t just throw it on the ground and leave it there. We take it with us and dispose of it when we find a proper place to do so. Inconvenient (and sometimes smelly) but we take responsibility and do the right thing.

  • Rob

    Gods bless American Exceptionalism.