Put the cereal down and drive

Now that the Minnesota Legislature has gotten it together and banned the use of hand-held cellphones while driving, perhaps it’s time to turn attention to bowls of cereal.

KARE 11 has been championing the quaint notion of taking driving seriously with its “eyes up” campaign.

Two years ago, Alicia Lewis acknowledged that she once drove off the road after trying to reply to a text while driving.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)

  • Hands-free doesn’t mean steering with your knees.

  • Jeff

    Obviously one of those self-driving cereal bowls.

  • J Allen

    Many years ago now I was driving east on I-94 in Woodbury when I was passing a car and saw its driver playing a clarinet. Hope he made it to the gig.

    • Joseph

      As a fellow clarinetist — that is both horrifying and highly impressive since the clarinet takes both hands to truly play, unless you limit yourself to literally 5 notes.

  • 212944

    I see something like this frequently on I-94 … eating a bowl of cereal from a bowl with spoon, reading a book on the steering wheel, applying makeup in the mirror, shaving with an electric razor (with the mirror) … all while driving during rush hour.

    Which is why I am frustrated with all of the focus on texting and use of cell phones while driving. Yeah, sure, but that is far too narrow in focus.

    Maybe “Big Cereal” has good lobbyists, though.

    • It was on 394. Maybe she works for General Mills and was taste testing as part of work.

      • 212944

        Big Cereal is everywhere …

      • RBHolb

        I’m going to look for the NTSB paper discussing the crashworthiness of Cheerios.

        • Ralphy

          I think I know where Capt’n Crunch got it’s name.

    • Jeff

      I can’t remember where I read an article quoting a study where cell phone usage is way down the list of distracted driving activities which cause crashes. It’s an obvious target I think gets too much focus so that once we pass this law the problem is mostly solved.

      • RBHolb

        I think it would be hard to craft a law that was able to focus on distracted driving. Like most of us, I listen to the radio when I drive. Certainly, the radio can be distracting, but do we ban car radios? Audiobooks? Interesting news programs?

        I don’t disagree with what you say. Cell phones are easy targets, but the other causes of distraction might be too difficult to define.

      • Probably this one. One in four accidents is caused by distracted driving.


        Note that the other factors involved in these accidents are already illegal.

        • Rob

          The one in four stat sounds low.

          • JamieHX

            From the article: “…spotting and proving distracted driving are more difficult than catching a speeder with radar. That means the increase in distracted driving is probably far more than the statistics show.”

        • Postal Customer

          How about the bright, extremely distracting electronic billboards that implore you to not be distracted?

  • Kassie

    I get cereal, isn’t good for the driving, but what about McDonalds? Or drinking a latte. Where is the line?

    • Brian Simon

      Some would say nothing is allowable. Personally, I allow myself one-handed food & drink.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        To which I will add, that I know someone who disproved the advertising slogan “It takes two hands to handle a Whopper” because they felt the same way.

      • JamieHX

        You’re not paying enough attention to your driving if you’re eating or drinking anything.

    • When you’re steering with your knees

    • Jeff C.

      There are two lines – one on each side of the lane. If you crossed the line, you crossed the line.

    • Jeff

      McDonalds I can do, but a wet Italian beef from Portillos requires knees, so not so good.

      • RBHolb

        When I made frequent trips between The Cities and the Far North, the McDonald’s in Alexandria was my regular stop, as being roughly the halfway mark. My standard order was always the same” Quarter-pounder with cheese, large fries, medium Coke. No McChicken or Big Mac, as the mayo or sauce made the sandwich too messy to eat with one hand.

        • Rob

          I think Jimmy Buffett’s song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was about a person who’d made a McDonald’s stop, then died when they had to make an evasive maneuver because their greasy hands slipped off the wheel.

        • JamieHX

          It doesn’t matter if you can do it with one hand. It is not ok to eat while driving.

    • Personally, I take time to eat at a restaurant and don’t drink anything or fiddle with my phone while driving.

      “Driving” means just that…”driving”…not “eating”, not “texting”, not talking on the phone”…just drive.

      And I’ll post this photo again for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

      /I was rear ended by a distracted driver (texting). I was at a hard red light about 10th in the line and the guy didn’t even slow down. He was going about 50 mph and the chain reaction involved 4 cars. Luckily no one was seriously injured.


      • JonasGrumby

        Nice license plate!

    • JamieHX

      You shouldn’t be doing ANY of those things while driving.

  • Gary F

    I haven’t see breakfast cereal eating before. I have seen eye brow plucking, makeup application, electric shavers, flossing.

    • A woman in front o me the other night did a masterful job of arranging her long hair in a bun and tying it up, while driving — sort of — with her knees. I only saw her go into the breakdown lane once.

    • RBHolb

      As one who was known to tie his necktie while driving, I can believe all of those.

      My current attitude (“I don’t care what I look like”) is far safer.

    • Jerry

      I’ve seen a taxi driver going down 394 at 9 pm with a paper spread across the steering wheel.

  • MrE85

    If she caused a fatal accident while doing this, the media would label her a cereal killer.

    • JonasGrumby


  • Ben Chorn

    Thought of this scene from Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Jerry

    You know, if people woke up 10 minutes earlier they could eat breakfast at their table, which is much more relaxing.

    • Yep.

    • Kassie

      I feel like this is a personal attack.

    • Jack

      Not to mention reading NewsCut while eating said breakfast.

  • Rob

    This cereal driving thing may sound surreal, but I can attest that groat clusters just taste better when you’re moving at 60mph…

    • boB from WA

      Would that be approved by one G. Tirebiter?

      • Rob

        George knows that Ralph’s Spoilsport Motors has the best used car deals!