Player sinks half-court shot, waves ‘bye bye’ to opponents

There is style and then there is style.

Exhibit A: Last night’s NBA playoff game between the Portland Trailblazers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Game tied with seconds left in a series Portland led three-games-to-one.

Guard Damian Lillard sinks a three-pointer from near half court, then waves “bye bye” to the Oklahoma City bench.


It’s the work of “an insane genius,” Deadspin said.

Lillard ended his night with 50 points.

  • Greg W

    Man, that was so cold-blooded it needs to sun itself on a rock.

  • Mike Worcester

    Is that the basketball equivalent of a “bat flip”?

  • Andrew

    And if he had missed Blazer fans would be like “Why did he just wait and take that horrible shot from so deep?” But so goes the world of sports.

    Hell of a shot though. Wow.