Pigs on ice: DNR reveals the garbage Minnesotans left on lakes

Just as sure as spring is going to come and ice is going to melt, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will call out the pigs who leave their garbage behind after being required to remove their ice houses for the season.

And every year, it seems to do little good.

This year’s show comes on the department’s Facebook page from Red Sand Lake in Crow Wing County.

Long Lake in Todd County. Commenters said the planks were left to help others get on the lake.

The Crow Wing River…

Gull Lake…

  • boB from WA

    Those look a lot like many of the abandoned homeless camps out here on the Left Coast.

    • Kassie

      We’ve got those too.

  • lusophone

    Seems like the DNR could come up with some way of IDing the shack owners during the fishing season, plot them on a map and then be able to send a fine when they come across this filth that’s left behind.

    • See the comments on their facebook page. The ice fishers don’t want no guvmint

      • Brian Simon

        It’s amazing to me how many people are willing to both live in their own filth & share that choice with the rest of us.

        I can see how extracting an icehouse frozen to a lake might be a significant challenge. But until there’s a way to sanction offenders, the rest of us get to deal with their messes. I understand some fishermen choose to burn down their shacks, leaving god only knows what pollutants to thaw into the lakes.

      • Joseph

        I don’t have an ice house myself so I don’t know the details, but aren’t ice houses required to display a licence prominently on the exterior? If they do, DNR officials could map each licence code to lat/long coordinates (its a simple GIS mapping exercise) and then fine those who don’t clean up.

        • Kassie

          They could have a program where anyone with a smart phone could scan the license and post the location using their GPS. Maybe something like if the owner does it, they get $5 off their license the next year. If they don’t want to do it fine, but for others, they can scan 10 and get $5 gift certificate for one of the DNR’s gift shops, or something.

          Or have a “lake captain” program that looks out for liter and scans ice houses with GPS coordinates. On the bigger lakes, they could do sections.

      • lusophone

        No guvmint and why penalize the 80 to 90 percent of people who aren’t breaking the rules. Funny how that argument of, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, then what do you have to fear” gets selectively chosen for the situation.

        • Jeff

          Seems like if it’s a public resource and you’re using it then guvmint should be able to know who you are. When I go camping at a state park if I left a pile of garbage at the campsite they could sure track me down. Or am I missing something?

  • MrE85

    You’re going to miss doing this post every Spring.

    • There isn’t anything about this I’m going to miss.

  • KenB

    Isn’t the headline — “Pigs on ice” — an insult to pigs? I thought they’re actually pretty clean animals.

    • Jerry

      Pigs are actually really good at cleaning up garbage. They leave something else behind, but it isn’t garbage.

  • Guest

    Let me GPS the fishing tags on the outside of every house. Come spring I will clean up every site to DNR specs and give a bill to them every spring at $50 an hour with tag info to let them charge the owners on property tax bill / income taxes / government support checks.

    Win for me, win for the lakes, no cost to taxpayers.

    See fines for not shoveling the sidewalk.

  • Mike Worcester

    Having worked on an Adopt-A-Highway crew a couple times in my life, it sadly does not surprise me how awful far too many people can be when it comes to their trash. Yes it’s cliched, but here we have another example of “why we cannot have nice things”. I’d also like to hear the excuses from those who left their garbage behind. I’m intensely curious what kind of rationalizing would be offered.

  • Cody Mills

    Reminds me of all the protestors to protect the land have been there.