In challenge to rest of country, Calif. cops let drivers out of tickets if they’re organ donors

An idea in California is so brilliant, there’s no good reason it shouldn’t spread to the rest of the country.

AdFreak reports that the organ donation program and some police departments are rolling out “Second Chance,” a policy that gives drivers who are stopped for traffic violations a break if they are registered organ donors.

What’s not to like?

Under the campaign during Organ Donor Month, some police departments are also letting those who haven’t registered as organ donors go without a ticket, asking them to consider becoming one.

The police departments notes officers are not required to participate in the campaign.

  • LieutenantLefse

    I don’t get it. It’s okay to put lives at risk so long as the driver is an organ donor? This doesn’t seem to square with your previous stances on distracted driving, Bob.

    • How does it put lives at risk? They’re not letting people go who just hit someone in a crosswalk. It’s for something like speeding and is similar to getting a warning and presumably, they’re driving record is checked before they get a warning.

      I’ve gotten warnings before for speeding and my response was not, “oh, good, I can go even faster now.”

      these are for MINOR traffic violations. Cops don’t consider texting while driving in the “minor” category.

  • Amber

    Interesting idea but if they really want to up the number of people who are listed as organ donors I think it would be more effective to change the form so you have to opt-out vs. opt-in.

    • Barton

      here here! The same should be true for voter registration: you are automatically registered to vote at 18, but can opt-out if you want…..

  • Jerry

    It sounds like they are telling officers that if they are just going to give a warning anyways, tell them it’s because they are donors. Which, honestly, is fine by me.

  • Kassie

    I like social engineering! Can we figure out something for people who vaccinate their children and themselves. Like, your children can have a free public school education IF they are vaccinated. Or your children can use the public swimming pool IF they are vaccinated.

    • Postal Customer

      Or your child can go to school if s/he is vaccinated!