Give the kid the ball (cont’d)

Longtime NewsCut readers know the most important ballpark rule: always give the kid the ball.

Sometimes, kids don’t cooperate, as was the case last night in Baltimore when a fan of the Chicago White Sox wanted nothing to do with the thing.

  • Barton

    Love this kid!

  • Gary F

    I declare which kid will get the ball if I catch one before the game starts.
    If a kid has a mitt, that helps.

    My son, age 23, asks, “Dad, I’m your kid” . I say, you need to find out which kid you are going to give it to.

    • Same. It’s hard for me to find single kids anymore, because I can’t just give on kid the ball and not the other. And then down when I work the dugout seats, it’s all but impossible to find a kid at all.

      • Gary F

        I won’t give a ball to a kid in a Yankee hat. Ever.