Family in viral Notre Dame photo found

The internet has done it once again; it has found the happy family whose photo was taken in front of Notre Dame in Paris moments before the fire broke out this week.

By internet standards, it took awhile — two days.

Brooke Windsor, 23, a tourist from Michigan, put out the call via Twitter after lamenting that she’d wished she’d offered to give the family the picture at the time she took it.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know who they are. Windsor tweeted the father and daughter wish to remain anonymous.

  • crystals

    Love that they have connected, deeply respect their desire to remain private.

    I recently found out there is a term for the thing that happens when something online spreads like wildfire and is initially overwhelmingly positive, but then turns a wee bit problematic (think Bone, Ken): the milkshake duck.

    I am glad this family and their sweet moment won’t become the next milkshake duck.