Duluth taxi company closes

Just days after a Twin Cities cab company went belly up, Duluth’s Yellow Cab is closing, the Duluth News Tribune reports today.

“The pie has been cut too many times,” said Anthony Mitchell, manager of Yellow Cab.

Let us count the ways: Uber, Lyft, electric scooters.

There wasn’t much of a company left after the rideshare companies came to town in 2017; only five drivers leased from Yellow Cab. But the company has “been around forever.”

Just a few years ago, the city had more taxicabs to people than New York City, the News Tribune said.

As with the Green & White/Suburban cab company, which went under this week, much of the business for Yellow Cab was low income people getting to and from medical care. They’re scrambling now.

  • Jim E

    I don’t see this as a Bad Thing if low income folks are finding more affordable alternatives with Lyft/Uber.

    • Brian Simon

      Given the last line in the piece, it’s not clear low income folks now have a more affordable alternative.

      Whether or not it’s a Bad Thing also depends on what you measure. The cost of the ride is one way; another is compensation of the drivers. A third is where those dollars go. A locally owned company will likely respend many of those dollars locally. Uber/Lyft likely spend close to zero dollars in Duluth.