Classy. Minnesota United fans cheer kids’ ‘goals’

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

The soccer game at Allianz Field was over by the time Angelo Rodriguez returned to the field after the game to give his kids a little taste of game time on Sunday.

But the fans stayed awhile longer rather than leave to beat the traffic.

Because: kids. And soccer.

Rodriguez the elder scored the lone goal in the first win for his team at the new soccer palace.

  • BJ

    That was fun we sit at the other end and were watching – that section of the stadium is called “The Wonderwall” it’s super steep and doesn’t have “seats” (it’s a safe standing area) those flags and people had been going for nearly 2 hours at that point.

  • wjc

    Love it!!

  • KTFoley

    What name does this MN United fan group go by? Do they call themselves the Loonies, or something else?

    Either way, WELL DONE you soccer tribe whose name I might have gotten wrong.

    • BJ

      There are 4 groups collectively called MN Wonderwall. The 2 largest are “Dark Clouds” who are also the oldest (formed many years ago when team was called the Thunder ie Where ever Thunder goes Dark Clouds follow), the other is a few years old called “True North Elite”. The smaller groups are the “Dark Glitterati” is a very new group who promote ‘leadership of women and LGBT members of our community. And sparkles. Lots of sparkles.’ The other small group is the “Red Loons” who are a ‘leftist supporters group who believe soccer and community are intertwined.’

  • Natalie Pierce

    I was at the game in the top row there. I was so excited about the win I just wanted to stay in the stadium all the rest of the day and find reasons to cheer. The kids coming out to make goals provided a great excuse.