Runners race around baseball diamond for 3 1/2 hours

Who among us hasn’t gone through life asking its critical question: “what can we do that’s fun and stupid?”

That’s how the Sandlot Marathon was born, KARE 11’s Boyd Huppert revealed Sunday evening.

A group of runners in Elk River held their second Sandlot Marathon, which consists of running 26.2 miles around a baseball diamond.

It took about 3 1/2 hours.

They did pause for a seventh inning stretch.

(h/t: Matt Lutz)

  • This falls squarely in the “fun and stupid” category…

    Thanks for passing this along, Bob.

  • Blasko

    Please tell me that at least a few of them took a big imaginary swat of the bat every time they neared home plate. I think I would have.

  • Rob

    As long as there were craft beer and brats available during the 7th inning stretch….

  • Al

    [insert obligatory joke about how watching this is about as exciting as watching an actual baseball game]

    I kid. Baseball is my jam. I’m all in for slow sports.

    • I’m all in for slow sports.

      You should come to one of my beer league ice hockey games.


  • John

    My cousin is one of the organizers of this.

    Long distance runners are a weird breed. Then you get into trail runners, and they make regular distance runners look positively normal.

    This one was put together by trail runners.

    • John

      He’s the first guy you see when the video starts. (Now that I”m actually watching it)

  • Robert

    Opening Day is almost here! Thursday is the home opener at 3:10 versus Bob Collins’ favorite team.

    • The Indians will have no player in their lineup who played >100 games for them last year. In addition, their starting shortstop, thirdbaseman and secondbasemen are out of the lineup.

      The Twins are going to surprise people and take this division.

      • Jerry

        And now you just cursed them

      • Rob

        What’s the Vegas line on the Twins’ chances?

  • AmyO

    Classic MN line…”that was… something…” Loved it! Thanks for the post, Bob.