Of snow boogers, fenderbergs, carnicles, and chunkers

I only arrived in Minnesota for the last year or so of Dave Moore’s career. By then, he was only doing a WCCO Sunday morning gig and I failed to appreciate his considerable talent because that really wasn’t a good outlet for it by then.

On Twitter Monday, I asked for people’s names for what the people in my house call “snow boogers,” the clumps of ice and snow that we love to kick off when the temperature is just right.

And, thanks to Steve Swan, I was made aware of this poetic segment that Moore did on the subject. It’s brilliant.

Dave Moore/WCCO-TV 4: "Ice Chunks"

Prince sang that sometimes it snows in April. But for now let's be content with the melt we have going on. Which reminds us of the late Dave Moore's poetic "Ice Chunks" from WCCO-TV/4.

Posted by Old Minneapolis on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

  • Loved Dave Moore.

    /My father was on his news show a few times.

    • Barton

      He was the Walter Cronkite of our house growing up. We’d all turn to watch what Dave had to say every night, then every Sunday.

  • Rob

    Too solid to be boogers; snow turds works for me.

  • Al

    We call them snow turtles. Don’t quiz me on the etymology of that one.

    • Rob

      I like the snurtles concept.

  • Gary F

    Snow boogers.

  • lusophone

    There was a sniglet for this from the TV show Not Necessarily the News, but I can’t quite remember what the word was.

  • lusophone

    The ones I get on my minivan are so packed in that it feels like I am going to kick off the entire fender when i try to remove them, so I just leave them. I could kick them off pretty easily from my old Subaru though.

    • JamieHX

      Same here with my Honda Accord. They’re impossible to kick off. There must be some sort of texture on the mud flap thingies that really grabs them. And like your old Subaru, there was no problem kicking them off my old Toyotas.
      Love this piece by the one and only Dave Moore.

  • Gary F

    It must have been a pretty nice day to film that piece. They came off very easy.

    The February ones sometimes couldn’t be kicked off and I been wearing rubber toed Keen shoes.

    • Barton

      February was when I chose to find (and pay for) heated parking ramps/garages. that way they’d melt off by the time I got done with whatever I was doing.

  • Guest

    I had an aunt take a trip on a long straight highway, when it came time to turn the ice “captured” the tire preventing a normal turn, surprising her. Caused an accident as I recall.

    Ever since then I DO feel good about kicking them loose.

    • Rob

      The lesson here is: Always travel in a straight line during winter; no turns. : )