‘It is winter!’

How is it possible that someone in Minnesota hasn’t started a crowdfunding campaign to bring Diane to Minnesota?

New York City, where the current temperature is 35, canceled school Monday because of an expected 5 to 8 inches of snow.

  • boB from WA

    Hey, enough with the winter stories! Can’t we all just March 4th?

  • Al

    I mean, she’s not wrong. It IS winter.

    • although it is “meteorological spring”

      • Al
      • Rob

        Just goes to show that every science has its share of accurate, yet situationally useless, terminology. : )

      • KTFoley

        As Diane reminds us, a few days makes a big difference. Spring for me is still 17 days off.

        But the season comes to Minnesota in so many different ways.

        In 2 days, the MN State High School Men’s Hockey tournament begins. (Did you know there is a 10 year waiting list to buy a “season” ticket for the Class AA playoff series?)

        In 5 days, St. Paul will have its first road closure of the season for a 5K race. Hah!

        In 6 days, the lights on the giant Norway Spruce at the house across from the governor’s mansion will go dark, meaning that Daylight Savings Time has returned. The neighborhood is holding its breath: will the owners change the Valentine hearts to St. Patrick shamrocks before Saturday?

        ETA: In 14 days, the DNR requires that ice houses be removed from lakes in the northern third of Minnesota. (Today was the day for ice houses in the southern two-thirds of the state. BRING ON THE CROCUSES!)

        • Kassie

          Daylight Savings Time returns this weekend? I had no idea.

          • KTFoley

            Yep, March 10.

        • Barton

          boo to DST.

          yay to crocuses!

          • Jerry

            I love DST and casting off the tyranny of Morning People.