In season of reflection and preparation, a man turns to beer

Beer is a religion in these parts so maybe Del Hall, of the Cincinnati Halls, is onto something.

He’s given up all worldly food for Lent. Except beer.

“Just like the monks used to do it back in the 1600s, I’m going to do the same thing,” Hall said in his video announcing his sacrifice. “It’s not necessarily about the weight loss as it is the challenge of replicating what the monks did.”

So far, so good, reports. Hall says his beer-only diet has cleared a mental fog.

He’s also lost 15 pounds.

“The last couple days I haven’t been hungry at all. I hope that’s going to be a good sign and I maintain this level of clarity,” Hall said.

It should be noted that he works for a brewery.

  • Gary F

    He’s not worried about opening time of liquor stores on Sunday morning.

  • *ponder*

  • MrE85

    The Germans call their beer “liquid bread,” if memory serves.

    • TBH

      I met a local where I was staying in Munich and he showed my sister and I around the town in the evening. Saw quite a few cool places we normally would not have in the city. We also drank our dinner that evening 🙂

      • MrE85

        That’s a great town. I haven’t been there in nearly 40 years, but I always enjoyed my visits. Used to stay in a room above a Vietnamese restaurant not far from the Marienplatz.

        • TBH

          Great area. My sister and I stayed close to Marienplatz. We got lost trying to find our hostel right over there, but eventually made it on foot after getting some assistance from a friendly local and finding ourselves on the map.

  • Kassie

    I don’t think my employer would be ok with this.

    Also, that’s a hell of a liquor cabinet he has. I’ve been to bars with less alcohol.

  • boB from WA

    My son is big into beer (he has his own podcast called “brewnomics”), and so I dared him to share this with his wife.

  • 212944