Flugtag returns to St. Paul

Flugtag, the Red Bull-sponsored celebration that reveals how few people know how things fly, is making a comeback in the Twin Cities.

More popular in Europe than the states, the event has only been in St. Paul once, which is puzzling since it’s right in Minnesota’s wheelhouse: sitting on a boat, drinking, and watching people throw junk into the river.

Observe the 2010 event, when a “replica” of South St. Paul’s “Miss Mitchell” B-25 “flew” for a little over 200 feet:

The St. Paul “world record” lasted only three years before a team in Long Beach beat it (see video).

Points are given for creativity and craftsmanship, which is why a pickle that dropped like a rock was a bit of favorite in 2010.

The event returns to St. Paul on Sept. 7, it was announced on Tuesday, when St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter III parachuted into a news conference and destroyed the myth that St. Paul is boring.

  • Gary F

    The mayor sky diving while very few people watch breaks the myth that St Paul is boring?

    I presume the flooding will recede by then.

  • Al

    that reveals how few people know how things fly

    I think you mean to say it reveals how many people know how things don’t fly. Style above substance, my friend. #teampickle

  • Bill LIndeke

    Three years is pretty good for one of these records to stand…