The racism of La Crosse

In a decent society, you ought to be able to go to work without seeing a racist message spray painted on your business when you get there.

Sadly, we are not the decent society we may have once thought we were. The racists have been emboldened to make their hate public as the people of La Crosse, Wis., have learned.

The Bullet Cab Company, which is owned by a Muslim man, was targeted with the graffiti last week.

Mian Ahmad, who goes by “Mike,” has lived in La Crosse for 20 years.

“It makes me lose confidence in La Crosse,” Linda Devenport, Bullet Cab’s general manager, told the La Crosse Tribune.

Appropriately, the La Crosse Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network has scheduled a rally for Friday to show support from the family. A GoFundMe page quickly blew through its modest goal.

There are no suspects, according to police.

  • Jerry

    2 things:

    1: I think American society is in general a lot less racist than it was 20 years ago. The open racism we see now is a pushback against that.

    2: Trump is a symptom of that. He is not the disease.

  • Sonny T

    Trump would certainly decry this. Of course, who cares what he says?

    But to avoid thread creep, this has the mark of an “inside job”. A disgruntled employee, or customer, or even be a pal playing an idiotic, insensitive, ignorant, and possibly drunken joke.

    • If I made a drinking game out of NewsCut comments, that would be a “swig”.

      • Sonny T

        Always or never? I’m just saying the use of the guy’s nickname kinda seems suspicious. Don’t be too surprised if this turns out to be, as I said, an inside job.

        • X.A. Smith

          If it were, does that change anything?

          • Sonny T


          • Jerry

            Why? it’s still racist.

          • Sonny T

            Not if it’s your dipsh*t pal. Or idiot employee.

          • So if someone you know uses the N-word to you it’s not racist because you know them? Is that in the definition’s fine print?

          • Sonny T

            Racist and idiot are two different words. Let’s see what happens.

          • jon

            They are two words that are not mutually exclusive.

            And folks who spray paint racist statements on garage doors of businesses aren’t likely to be the racist geniuses…

          • Jerry

            Only “stable geniuses”

            Also “jinx!”

          • Jerry

            But not mutually exclusive

          • lindblomeagles

            I have a question. What if you’re wrong Sonny, and this turns out to be a racist incident. Are you still going to poo-poo this?

          • Sonny T

            No. Then it’s a racist incident.

            And I’m not saying it’s not. It’s just that there are several factors that might make you pause, such as:

            1. Smaller community. Their idea of fun might be a little different from yours. (“Hey, I’m drunk. Let’s punk Mike.”)

            2. If you really wanted to insult/intimidate the guy, you probably wouldn’t dignify it by using his “friendship” name.

            We have limited evidence. Let’s limit our response. Ascribing this to the sinister forces of “Trumpism” might, just might, be premature.

          • It’s not a friendship name. It’s what he goes by.

            Your response is an affirmation of what I’ve always said. White people will always give racism the benefit of the doubt.

          • Sonny T

            Or never. The press has been burned again and again by inadequate information or outright hoaxes.

            Am I imagining something? Possibly. But the use of his name humanizes an otherwise unambiguously vicious, nasty, racist insult.

            Whoever did this knows the guy.

          • Good Lord.

          • Jerry

            No it means your employee is racist. It means your “pal” is racist. Jesus, we are intent on excusing racism, aren’t we?

          • Sonny T

            Feeling guilty about something? Gotta paint everybody, regardless of circumstances, with the same broad brush?

          • Jerry

            Just Mankind

        • Let’s see if I have this right: The guy is known by the name Mike and he has many businesses in the community. His business is spray painted with “sand N*****” but it’s not racism because why, again?

          • Sonny T

            For reasons stated. Something tells me this story has legs. Let’s see what happens.

    • Jerry

      how does it have the mark of an inside job?

      Though he would decry this. He has proven to be a loyal employee of the Saudis and Assad regime.

    • Erik Petersen

      It does not have the mark of an inside job, there’s absolutely no detail that marks it as an inside job. You’re completely making an assumption out of vapor.

      Contrast to Jussie Smollett: that has the ‘markings’ of a false police report. Guy is beaten but not injured, wont share his phone details, claims his assailants are people who would not conceivably be in an urban artsy neighborhood….

      • Sonny T

        Pals and co-workers use each other’s nicknames. A very telling detail.

    • Jay

      I’m sure there are some very fine people on both sides.

    • Jerry

      Obviously an inside job. (Have to fill that center space)

      • jon

        I believe the term is “False flag operation perpetrated by the deep state.”

        • Jerry

          No, sometimes they also think it is individuals making it up to get a payout.

    • lindblomeagles

      Not the first time that’s happened in Owatonna. One of my college classmates was from Owatonna. He and I went to school in the late 80s. He readily admitted to me Owatonna was not minority friendly. 20 years later (late 2000s), I made the mistake of bringing an AAU basketball team there for a summer tournament. My team had all black players. Let’s just say the crowd, their coach, and the white players we played against at that tournament had absolutely no problems expressing anti-minority feelings. One of the referees after our game with Owatonna confirmed that with me.

  • The Resistance

    Defintely feeling like one of the worst black history months. Sigh.

  • lindblomeagles


  • lindblomeagles

    Right again.