Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places — like North Dakota

There’s hope for the people in North Dakota in search of love: the Twin Cities are within a day’s drive.

The Grand Forks Herald says these are tough times for single people in North Dakota. The WalletHub survey ranks the state 40th in the percentage of single adults, and ranks dead last for gender balance, probably because of the number of men who moved to North Dakota to work in the Oil Patch.

The study looked at the economics of dating, dating opportunities, how many participate in online dating, and restaurants and attractions per capita.

There is hope, though—Minnesota ranked highly on the overall study, coming in as the 12th best state for singles. For individual cities, Minneapolis won ninth place and St. Paul came in as 40th—although both places are at least a several hour drive from here.

Things on the dating front may seem bleak as Valentine’s Day looms—but at least you don’t live in Arkansas or West Virginia, which are the only two states worse for singles than North Dakota. And singles will save money and stress by not fretting over what present to buy a significant other for Valentine’s Day.

North Dakota did rank as a low-crime state. So, in the unlikely event you actually get a date, at least you won’t get rolled.

  • Rob

    North Dakota: Be Legendary — and Lovelorn

  • MrE85

    I married a North Dakotan, so I have done my part to solve this problem.

  • lindblomeagles

    The creators of Farmer’s Only dot.com would like to launch a new dating site, Desperately Dakotan. That’s right. If you don’t like city softies or courageous countrymen, perhaps your dreamboat is a single slicker whose job is mining oil for greasing engine blocks, fueling freeway travelers, and heating homes during these long cold winters. Yes, unlike city softies who anxiously worry about keeping appearances and courageous countrymen whose minds are set on conquering the land and all of its living creatures, North Dakota’s single slickers ACTUALLY CARE AND HELP society. So, if you’re a woman bored, tired, and disgusted with the other two type of men out there, go to Desperately Dakotan dot.com. Somebody is sure to answer RIGHT AWAY.