Someone killed a dog named Donald Trump and now people want revenge

Politics makes Minnesotans insane.

Jackson County, near Worthington in southwestern Minnesota, provides today’s case study where the Associated Press reports that Randal Thom named his dog Donald Trump. Cute. But Thom’s dogs have always been lawless, and there’ve been 14 complaints about them over the last few years.

The dog apparently attacked some livestock, the county sheriff says, so the owner, on his own property, stood his ground and killed the dog.

So now people are threatening to harm each other.

The sheriff blames social media. Something better to blame? People and their politics.

NEWS RELEASEThe Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is releasing information regarding a recently completed and a current…

Posted by Jackson County Sheriff's Office – MN on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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  • Brian Simon

    I think both bob & the sherrif are correct. It is the combination of people & their politics with social media that amplifies the insanity.

    • Brian Simon

      Subquestion; dod the dog’s owner name him after the POTUS as a form of respect or disparagement? I see a case for either.

      • Justin McKinney

        Given the location (not that far from where I live), I’m inclined to believe the former. Lots of Trump supporters out here.

        **Edit: I fell into the trap of not reading the linked article – it clearly states that the dog’s owner is a big fan of Trump, and even had the President sign a picture of the dog.

        • Jim E

          And somebody is cashing in with a GoFundMe page.

  • The Resistance

    The president and dogs have had quite a run this week.

    He commented on why he’s the first president in 120 years not to have a dog in the White House (not a bad decision, in my opinion), this incident with Mr. Thom’s unfortunately named pet, and the not so suitable for work Trump chihuahua video on youtube (which I definitely have not watched multiple times this week) is getting a ton of hits.

    • Rob

      Just checked out the T.Rump-humpin’ Chihuahua…Oi!

      • The Resistance

        It adds special meaning to me that the dog is a Mexican breed.

        • Rob

          L. O. F. L.!!!

  • kevins

    Hummm…Trump-dog…not as catchy as Snoop-dog, but somehow it fits.

  • AmiSchwab

    even trumpies dogs ar rabid