No Fun League ready to crack down on touchdown celebrations

The NFL, which has a habit of looking the other way on serious matters, is finally going to crack down — again — on those who discredit the good name of football: touchdown celebrations.

Blame the Vikings.

The league will consider banning players who aren’t already on the field from participating in the fun and games, the Washington Post says.

Deadspin finds this revealing:

The NFL came to its senses two years ago by allowing celebrations to go on largely without consequences, and it’s been a gas. But there will always be a certain subset of Football Men for whom football should never be too much fun.


We recall the words of Vince Lombardi, who told a celebrating Travis Williams in 1967, “the next time you make it to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

  • Barton

    Laughable. This is where they want to put rules into place? Not by changing tackling rules to protect head/neck injuries. Not by providing actual rules regarding the domestic abuse issues allowed to continue in their ranks. Celebrations.

    I’m going to go back to watching rugby….

  • jon

    “Video unavailable
    This video contains content from NFL, who has blocked it from display on this website or application.”

    Illustrates what I was going to say anyhow, I guess touchdown celebrations aren’t profitable…

    • It’s available, you just have to do what it says and click the link.

  • Gary F

    Bud Grant said you should act like you have been there before and act like its no big deal.

    • Joe

      Just because Bud Grant said it doesn’t make it gospel. It’s entertainment. Make it entertaining.

  • Rob

    No doubt the NFL execs should be dircting their energies to more substantive concerns, but the various teams’ celebration mania really puts the circus in bread and circuses; gotta go with Vince L on this one.

    Wonder how long it would take to play an MLB game if, evety time a run scored, there was a celebration akin to winning the lottery or finding the Holy Grail?

    • Joe

      The whole game is billed as a circus! The only reason they get paid is because it’s all a circus! This is not heart surgery. They are entertainers.

    • Jack

      Deflection from arrested owner issues?

  • MikeB

    The league is preempting any Spa-based celebrations

  • I have to admit, I was mildly amused when I saw the Vikings do the “Duck, duck: gray duck” (“Duck, duck, goose” for posers) thing after a TD.

  • Alex

    This headline (and those of other publications) is maybe a bit of an exaggeration for what’s really happening. With the league no longer cutting to a commercial between the TD and the PAT/Conversion, I don’t think it’s a bad consideration. Games are already far too long for their own good and, well, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

    This won’t save football by any means. Long game times are just one of a list of issues plaguing the league right now that run the gamut from “trying to politically appease everyone” (including, humorously, the the “take politics out of sports” crowd), to “our sport is inherently violent, so people are choosing to no longer watch and/or no longer play”, to “our extracurricular disciplinary system is made of smoke and the mirrors that are mysteriously missing from the lives of the ‘take politics out of sports’ crowd.” In the end, it’s a small change that makes it look like they’re trying to make things better, even if it removes a tiny bit of fun in the name of better pacing.

    Does the league have other issues they should also focus on? Sure. Does the league have a history of taking the fun out of the sport? Yeah, that too. Does this really drain the fun out of football or prevent them from looking at more important issues? Eh… not really.